No Such Thing as Death

Don’t forget, there is no such thing as death. What “dies” (or gets broken) is name-and-form called pot, while nothing happens to the clay. And, the pot does not actually “exist” as it is a mere name-and-form that “appears to exist” and so, even the pot does not die because how can something that did not even exist, to begin with, die? Similarly, the body of ours is a mere name-and-form (if not convinced, then look up whose underlying substance is Consciousness (much like the underlying substance of the name-and-form called pot is clay). Consciousness does not die (much like the clay does not disappear when the pot breaks), and how can the name-and-form thing called body die when it does not “exist” in the first place, the only thing “existing” being Consciousness, much like in the case of the clay pot the only thing “existing” being only clay.


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