Can I Interest You in Philanthropy?

It is said that one’s left hand should not know what one’s right hand is giving in charity. True. But, I am NOT sharing this certificate (see below) to get praise and appreciation from you NOR am I trying to secure some brownie points with God or my karmic account by contributing to charity. I am doing so only to inspire you to donate (I am sure some of you already are doing so, so please excuse me) in your turn whatever amount you are comfortable in doing so to whatever charitable cause that catches your fancy because together we fortunate ones can uplift those in dire need. There are a lot of people suffering out there and we ought to do our bit. I am contributing Rs. 1,500/month to Give India towards alleviating hunger in children. If God allows me to do so, I will try to do more such charity in the future. I hope you will join me in this modest effort of mine to make a teeny-weeny difference in the lives of our less fortunate fellow human beings.

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