The False ‘I’ and the Real ‘I’ – Ramana Maharshi

(Courtesy Tom Langley)

Question: If `I’ am always, here and now, why do I not feel so?

Ramana Maharshi: That is it.

Who says it is not felt?

Does the real ‘I’ say it or the false ‘I’? Examine it.

You will find it is the wrong `I’.

The wrong ‘I’ is the obstruction. It has to be removed in order that the true ‘I’ may not be hidden.

The feeling that I have not realized is the obstruction to realization. In fact, it is already realized and there is nothing more to be realized. Otherwise, the realization will be new. If it has not existed so far, it must take place hereafter. What is born will also die. If realization is not eternal it is not worth having. Therefore what we seek is not that which must happen afresh. It is only that which is eternal but not now known due to obstructions. It is that which we seek.

All that we need to do is remove the obstruction. That which is eternal is not known to be so because of ignorance.

Ignorance is the obstruction. Get over the ignorance and all will be well.

The ignorance is identical with the `I’-thought. Find its source and it will vanish.

The ‘I’-thought is like a spirit which, although not palpable, rises up simultaneously with the body, flourishes and disappears with it. The body-consciousness is the wrong ‘I’. Give up this body-consciousness.

It is done by seeking the source of the I’. The body does not say ‘I am’. It is you who say, ‘I am the body’. Find out who this ‘I’ is. Seeking its source it will vanish.

~ Ramana Maharshi

“Be As You Are – The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi”,
edited by David Godman

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