Inadequacy of Rawls

“Even Rawls’ world is a bit dissatisfactory because the people in the ‘Original Position’ and ‘Behind the Veil of Ignorance’ are nothing but ‘Homo economicus’ in that they are merely self-regarding, self-serving and self-absorbed trying to maximize their utility, and the only reason they are interested in a so-called Just Society is not because it will be helpful to everyone but because they themselves will fare best in it, and there is an unmistakable implication in Rawlsian analysis that if somehow one could guarantee that one will be at the top of the societal pyramid along most parameters then one would be least bothered about those at the bottom of the pyramid. Now, when even in thought and imagination you cannot conceive of individuals who could be other-regarding and other-concerned moved by empathy and compassion, then how in hell’s name can you go about complaining about the society we have on hand. I mean how can a Rawlsian theory of justice inspire people to be other than what they are at present? It cannot. Therefore, in the ruse of being ‘true to life’ the theory is merely lifeless and cold logic.”–D. Samarender Reddy

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