My Mother’s Letter To Me (Written in Dallas, Circa 1998)

My mother tried to teach me
How I should love everyone
How I should see 
God in everyone;
How I should not be lazy
And do every work
With care and due diligence;
How I should neither be
Puffed up by praise
Nor downcast by blame;
How my anger
Is my enemy
And how a peaceful disposition
Is my protector;
How, should a mistake occur
On my part
With regard to speech or action
And then should anyone
Point a finger at me
How I should not feel bad
And should pray to God
That I should not commit 
A similar mistake again;
How when I didn't understand
Some work
Not to be hasty
But to ask around
And get to know better;
How not to let 
Anger or despondency or hatred
Come near me;
How to be happy
And mingle freely
With everyone;
And, when such qualities
As the above
Start to inhere in me
How it is unnecessary
To go to an Ashram
Nor do any meditation
Or worship any God
And that in such a scenario
I will definitely reach
God's being;
And she was writing this
With the full trust
That I will follow her advice
And blessed me that
May God keep me 
Safe and sound;
And, like she was always insistent
She could not help adding
My health was important
So I should definitely exercise
This was the flower-strewn path
That my mother showed me.

My Mother's Letter To Me in Her Exact Words (Written in Dallas in Telugu, Circa 1998)

Nee kopame neeku shatruvu; nee shanthame neeku rakhsa.

Andari lopala devunni choodu. Andarini preminchu.

Pogadinappudu pongi poku; thittinappudu krungi poku.

Maata vishayamulane gaani pani vishayamulane gaani nee yandu thappu jarugavachhu; appudu ninnu evaru emanna badha padaka malli ituvanti thappu jaruganivvakani devunni prarthinchu.

Kopamu gaani dukkham gaani dvesham gaani nee dari chera nivvaku.

Andaritho santoshanga meluga nerchuko.

Chese panilo Shraddha petti cheyyi; baddakangaa undaku.

Nuvvu chese pani theliyanappudu thondarapadaku; andarini adigi thelusuko prayathnichu.

Eee gunalanni neelo cherinappudu neevu ashramamu gaani dhyanamu gaani poojalu gaani cheyanavasarumuledu; neevu thappaka devunni cheragalavu.

Neevu thappakunda paatinchagalavani nammi vrasinanu.

Devudu ninnu kshemamuga vunchu gaaka.

Nee aarogyam mukhyam; thappakunda exercise cheyyi.

Itlu mee amma choopina poola bata.

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