The Solace of Sparsh

Go gently, gently into the beyond
Don't go suffering at close of play.
Though terminal be your illness
Doctors shrugging and looking away
With little to offer by way of care
All's not lost and you need not despair
Sparsh Hospice stands by you all the way
Offering comfort and solace for free
Till you breathe your last, smiling,
With near and dear nearby.

Be it physical pain or mental forlornness
Be it any such other deuced symptom
Sparsh is equal to the task with its team -
Doctors, counsellors, social workers et al.
We will create a heaven for you here
Before you go to the heaven beyond
Making you think that hell is a fiction.
Just reach out to us from your helplessness
And we will ensure your deliverance from it
Be it lack of caregivers or financial distress
That hounds you in your terminal illness.

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