On Losing a Close Companion

A Counsellor at Sparsh Hospice asked me yet again to write a poem addressing those who might have lost their mother or wife. Here is the poem I submitted to her:

On Losing a Close Companion

by D. Samarender Reddy

Lose a mother or lose a wife
Grieving will be your lot
For sometime to come
Being as they were, embodiments
Of tender love and care;
Hard will it be to let go
Of memories and togetherness.
Cry then to your heart's content
Holding back not a single tear.

But, as the time passes into months
Hold not on to your burning grief
Let it make way to the understanding
That they remain with you in spirit
In your memories sweet and untold
And, truly, now they are in the yonder
Without any suffering of mortal coils
Be happy for their good fortune
Knowing that alone we come, alone we go
And alone, then, we should learn to live
And pass on their tender love and care
To others who may be in need of it.

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