50+ Quotes

“Maybe not even meditation I will do but merely live out the rest of my life as it unfolds with the understanding that I am not the doer. Methinks that will suffice.”

“The moment people start caring more about Allah, Rama and jannat more than they care for their fellowmen, know that the world will pass through troubled times.”

“We humans are capable of only conditional love. Rare is that individual who can love unconditionally. To be able to love unconditionally one should have become one with the Truth, which is a tough ask.”

“Love is something that encompasses us all, and not something that is centred on the human heart.”

“Life is a cosmic joke.”

“I will no longer depend on external sources, be it philosophical texts, scriptures or literature’s vast corpus, to edify me. I know that my inner self will guide me towards all that is good and wise as long as I listen to it in silence.”

“Our fate is to eventually go up in smoke.”

“Meditation undercuts one’s interest in the world because it introduces you to something precious within yourself that you cannot obtain from the world.”

“Unless you think, how can you be unhappy?”

“Being trapped in thoughts we lead a life of many illusions.”

“Pursuit of pleasure is inimical to peace.”

“Every difficulty that comes into our life is a blessing in disguise.”

“The strengths powering man from the inside are far more powerful than the forces acting on man from the outside. But how little we believe in our own inner strengths.”

“Dogs are lazy. Cats are lazy. Birds are also lazy. Yet, nature takes care of their needs. But, man is busy all the time – why? Because he is out of touch with his own inner nature.”

“When you sit in silence you understand the absurdity of all human activity.”

“I do not understand my own self fully well. How can I expect others to understand me?”

“Same truth can be understood from many different perspectives, and can also be communicated in many different ways and styles.”

“Unless you lose your fascination with thoughts you will not discover your true and only self.”

“After you say it in words, you realize how much better it can be said through silence.”

“Love that parts company with Truth is no Love at all. Truth that parts company with Love is no Truth at all.”

“All romantic love is a mere massaging of ego. Ultimately, we love only ourselves.”

“Those who can sacrifice everything for love are fortunate indeed.”

“That which is nameless-and-formless cannot be described in words. Hence, the Truth is beyond the grasp of the mind.”

“You become at once happy when your mind relaxes its hold on thoughts and emotions.”

“We are not content to merely love. We also want to be loved by those we love. Therein lie all the troubles of life.”

“Love temporarily blinds you to the realities of life.”

“Life is a young man’s game. Oldies like me should watch it from the sidelines. More so if you also fancy yourself being a philosopher.”

“What should the pot do to become clay? Ponder well the answer to that question and you will understand the Truth or Advaita.”

“We are monkeys swinging from one thought to another.”

“All search for love is a search for God. We began in love and we will end up in love. It is the in between journey that sucks.”

“People search the world over, except within, for happiness.”

“As long as you are searching for happiness through possessions and relationships, you cannot discover the fount of true happiness that lies within. Turn inward and leave the world behind.”

“The philosopher in me confuses the poet in me. The poet in me confuses the philosopher in me. “

“I trust not my mind. I trust not my heart. The mind and heart are but reverberations of the past. I trust only Silence.”

“I hope to find in Silence whatsoever I am seeking in this world.”

“I take flight from my mind with the wings of silence.”

“Ye zamana badal bhi jaye ya bigad bhi jaye hamay koi farak nahi padtha. Hum tho har mode par jashn manane ke liye thayyar hain.”

“Alcohol, be it even wine, dullens the mind.”

“That which the philosopher understands through reason, the poet understands through emotion.”

“To understand life, you must be in the midst of it taking the tumbles and not away from it in the Himalayas.”

“Aaj kal mujhe kabhie kabhie kuch kuch hota hain.”

“Pyar se kahin guna badkar hain dosti. Pyar mey hum apne aashiq ko dil mey bas ne dete hain; lekin dost tho dil ka ek tukda hota hain. Pyar matlab ki hoti hain; dosti ki koi wajah nahin hoti. Pyar ladkarakar toot sakthi hain; lekin dosti umr bar barkharar rahthi hain.”

“Love is merely an emotion. There’s nothing more else to it.”

“He who loves one person to the exclusion of others has not understood what love is.”

“Being a Content Writer is all well and good, but it’s more important to be a Contented Writer.”

“Pyar tho anek tarah ki hothi hai. Main tho woh pyar ki talaash mey hoon jise bayaan nahi karna padtha na maang na padtha.”

“I tune in my mind to the heartbeat of the world and feel distressed.”

“Mujhe tho samajh mey nahi aatha ki Khuda ney ye bakwaas ki duniya kyon banayi? Kya aapko patha hai?”

“There is no love without anxiety. No domestic walls and private spaces can protect you against the vicissitudes of life.”

“Renunciation is not going to the Himalayas. True renunciation is the realization that you are not the doer.”

“Renunciation is not going to the Himalayas. True renunciation is the realization that you are not the doer.”

“Love culminates in wisdom.”

“Wisdom is the realization that there is no ‘other’.”

“Love is a search for an effacement of the sense of ‘the other’.”

“When all answers are found in Silence, including the Truth, silly me keeps thinking.”

“No religion is sacred. Only Truth is.”

“To call me a ‘Hindu’ is to restrict my freedom to be what else I am or what else I can be.”

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