“Both light and darkness are aspects of God’s luminosity. Both good and evil are aspects of God’s love.”

“Ego manducare, ergo sum.”

“Why the Social Sciences? Because we do not love one another.”

“The only pandemic that causes the most damage is thought. And, sadly, everyone, including yours truly, is infected with it.”

“We seek meaning in language, in words, in thoughts and get lost.”

“Meaning means purpose to something, something overarching, that makes any speech or deed worthwhile to undertake. But, life truly lived has no purpose, no meaning, because when you truly live you speak and act out of freedom, and freedom needs no meaning and purpose for manifesting its exuberant self.”

“Bipolar Disorder and unrequited love, strictly in that order, have made me understand life far better than most other experiences.”

“Who or what we love today we may not love tomorrow. You can’t step into the Heraclitean river twice.”

“In seeking love, we seek forgetfulness.”

“Love is hedonism satisfied – of body, mind and aesthetic self.”

“Love is seductive not because love is so but because we find it seductive that someone thinks that we are worthy of being loved.”

“What’s puzzling is not that often people do not find the love of their lives. What’s puzzling is that people often do find it. It’s puzzling because it’s so damn difficult to give space for someone else in your life and far easier to be alone.”


  1. Sir, I was going through different categories in your blog. I didn’t find a single post on sex. I find it odd because as long as ego exists, feeling of separation is inevitable. This is the case even if there are no psychological insecurities, need for validation, seeking love, comfort and salve from the harsh emotions that people face in their lives. The easiest way people try to counter this separation is through sex. Have you sidelined it or are you afraid that it will open a can of worms?


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