Maybe There’s Hope for Me After All

I have been a bit miffed (maybe even distraught) that there are many things that I intended to do in my life with sufficient conviction that they would be the right things to do, without actually going on to do them. For instance, in the last decade there have been so many books that I have downloaded from the Internet (sorry, I am not going to reveal the name of the URL of the Website where you can do that) that I have never gotten around to reading or when I did do so I have left them after reading maybe 100 or so pages. It seemed like there was no hope for me despite the cop-out excuse of Social Media taking up too much time.

But, guess what!! Today I finished reading Amartya Sen’s 1976 essay “Rational Fools” (which is about whether we are merely and only self-regarding with very little concern for the welfare of others), one which I have been wanting to read since 1992, which was when I had made a copy of the paper in the Johns Hopkins library.

I guess I am turning a new leaf. Maybe I will after all finish reading those half-read and unread books in my collection. And, maybe exercise more regularly. And whatnot. Maybe all is not lost at any stage of one’s life.

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