“We are all insane, some more than others.”

“Amidst the clamour of your thoughts and emotions resides the Truth. Learn to recognize it.”

“This world is not really that very interesting. However much variety you seek out, it is actually more of the same.”

“When you stop searching you discover that you had never lost it.”

“I know but I do not know that I know.”

“As long as we think we need this world we are in trouble.”

“We are quite happy to be dead to this world for hours together in our sleep. But, funnily, we dread being silent even for a minute during the waking hours.”

“The world is mad after love/sex/companionship and whatnot.”

“We take ourselves far too seriously and miss out on all the fun on offer in life.”

“The tragedy of life is that it is actually a comedy.”

“Do we love who/what makes us happy or does who/what we love make us happy?”

“Where there is love, can happiness be far behind?”

“Love is something that can be neither given nor taken.”

“As long as our happiness has a cause, we are in trouble.”

“Only that which has no cause is the Truth.”

“The mistake we make is in trying to direct or control the movements of the body. If we totally disidentify with or disregard the body by ceasing to pay attention to what it is doing, then we have a chance to understand the Truth. But unfortunately, we are too invested in the body and its looks, pleasures, and welfare.”

“I am disappointed with people. I am disappointed with life. I am disappointed with myself. I am tired of everything. This world to me now looks not at all appealing. Everything appears disenchanted with no redeeming qualities. Nothing excites. And, I cannot even say ‘To hell with everything’ because I am burdened with a body to take care of, and that entails all sorts of activities and relationships. Sigh!!! No let up.”

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