“To be able to do without being loved is freedom. To be able to love without being loved is wisdom.”

“Those who are obsessed about any particular thing, be it money, pleasure, or name and fame, will live only a lopsided life and not a wise one.”

“Who says love is enough? There are a lot of other things that we want in life that we cannot do without. Who on this earth can claim all their wants are satisfied? There is always something more that we want, including a few more breaths when gasping for our last one.”

“I have found out my problem. I tend to be the same kind of person with everyone, without realizing that different people have different expectations of how I should talk with or be disposed towards them. Unfortunately, that’s the Achilles heel of most philosophers in that they keep seeing the same truth under all circumstances, so they tend to talk the same under all circumstances.”

“A True Description of Myself: An obese, nondescript elderly man with grey hair and bipolar disorder type II, and an annoying tendency to keep playing with words.”

“Just like the pot does not exist though it seems to exist and only clay exists, the world and I do not exist though we seem to exist and only Consciousness exists.”

“Whole world runs after wealth and women. Very few run after wisdom.”

“To me, marriage itself will feel like adultery because my heart is already given to Truth.”

“Non-acceptance of suffering leads to more suffering.”

“The heart likes who it likes and you can not always adduce the reasons thereof.”

“Almost everyone is in love with life. Very few are in love with the mystery of life.”

“Truth is just a matter of right identity about who one is.”

“Maybe it is better to be loved for how one looks rather than for what one is, because looks do not change much over the portion of life that matters, but what one is, is not only unclear very often but also very mutable.”

“The pot has nothing to do with it. It’s all clay through and through. The pot does not exist, but seems to exist.”

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