“One should not try to overcome or conquer or eliminate or renounce desires. One should instead strive to find the Truth, which allows one to realize that the desired object is one’s own projection and so as such was never away or separate from oneself. That which you desire you already have, but you do not realize.”

“Happiness unassociated with pleasure is what I seek.”

“Not all successful people are good or interesting.”

“Even at around 60, I don’t have life all figured out. What a pity!”

“Earth is pretty much akin to a jail, no?!!”

“God knows, which Smart Alec got the idea to create this universe.”

“Nobody believes me when I say, ‘Life is not worth even a penny’.”

“Parents have all the fun and children pay the price.”

“I wonder how many people on this earth were dying to be born?”

“As if life wasn’t enough, they invent Rubik’s cube.”

“At the end of the day, we are all in the dark.”

“Who can tell what silence is!”

“Has anyone ever found the inertia of rest?”

“Even God is not perfect because it took him so much trial and error, not to mention time, to create a human.”

“God is supposed to have said ‘Let there be light’, but poor chap, what can I say, there is still darkness.”

“I have never seen a mind but I am told there is one.”

“Not everyone gets what one wants in this world. That itself should alert us to the problem with wanting anything.”

“Embrace your prarabdha.”

“The only sin in this world is to think that happiness lies outside ourselves, out there in the world.”

“Contentment with little is a sign of wisdom.”

“To think less but deep is a sign of wisdom.”

“If you want peace, love.”

“What goes by the name of love in this world is often not love.”

“True wisdom is to blame it on God.”

“Taking the world to be real is the root of all problems.”

“What is there between the word and silence?”

“Unhappiness arises not because you do not have the desired object but because you have the desire. Think!”

“This world will never satisfy you fully, try what you may.”

“One cannot exercise a choice to love or not love a person.”

“Be yourself, not someone else.”

“Your ontology and metaphysics inform, influence, shape and determine your epistemology, logic, ethics, and politics.”

“Your loving or not loving someone has nothing to do with you. It is just a force of nature wanting to express itself. Let things take their natural course, as they anyway will, by understanding that you are not the doer.”

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