My Book “Happiness and Consciousness” on Amazon India

My Book “Happiness and Consciousness: Your Guide to Enlightenment” is now available on (Amazon India) in Kindle eBook edition. Those wanting Paperback version order on

Paperback edition: (Ships from US)

Kindle eBook edition:

This book “Happiness and Consciousness” tells you how to attain lasting happiness and how to become enlightened, there being a link between the two.

It shows you how you can attain happiness through various approaches. In doing so, it points out that you cannot attain lasting and secure happiness without getting enlightened. Then it shows you how to attain enlightenment by explaining to you the methods of three great sages of India in the Advaita tradition: Sankaracharya, Ramana Maharshi, and Nisargadatta Maharaj. It also explores a few other interesting and curious aspects of enlightenment.

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