A Fool’s Errand

Those were the days my friend

I thought they would never end

Buying or borrowing a book

From a friend or any ol’ library

Gave such pure thrill and delight

So much knowledge and wisdom

Was lying there to be discovered

Basking in those intellectual joys

Used to satisfy body, mind and soul

University life was so full of life

Young bodies and minds on the move

To change themselves and the world

By the sheer audacity of their thinking

Yet now as I approach my sixties

And having read more philosophy

Than perhaps was good for me

Life seems unnchanted and unmagical

Sans sense, sans meaning, sans joy

As one has realized all too clearly

The inanity of wisdom cast in words

Now when I pass the gates of a university

I do not have the urge to visit its library

Nor do I wish to pay a visit to any profs

Thinking hard and deep in their armchairs

All I can do now is recoil from life itself

Tying to understand what has no meaning

Is an errand that only fools undertake.

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