Lines Written on My Nephew Advaith’s Birthday

Addy buddy get off the number game

You make me nervous with your skill

That I may be dumber than I thought

Anyway, I can always take comfort

That you, too, have that Dyapa gene

So you will be a tad crazy for sure

Just like me, so come join the club

How often have we talked

On so many a topic with passion

And passion you and I have

For math and logic, though maybe

You are a tad better at them than me

Ouch, it hurts to admit that

Being a bit narcissistic as I am

But, hey, I write far better poetry

Than you can ever dream of writing

What about sketching-painting you ask

Now, now, boasting isn’t good y’know

But, hey, yes, I can’t draw for nuts

And you certainly are talented in it

You must now be learning Mandarin

Coz you find those slanted eyes cute

I can’t wait to see how AI will be

Once you start to take a crack at it

And, who knows you may end up

Creating an AI bot that’ll be smarter

Than you at math and logic – Ouch,

That must hurt, really, really hurt

That you will create something

Which will leave you behind

But, don’t ya worry that very much

If our brains are rendered useless

With so much AI floating around

We will still have our hearts intact

So we may eventually learn to love

Even our creations that outwit us.

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